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A friendly place to learn about Jewish synagogue ritual, the prayer book, and related traditions.

The Transliterated Siddur
the entire Jewish prayer book,
spelled out in English alphabet.
Now anyone can follow along
and participate!

The Sage's Simcha
a collection of brain-teasers;
Step up to the Sage-o-meter
and sample your seichel

The Synagogue Survival Kit
counters the confusion
and isolation experienced
by many at synagogue
(a book description)

The Daily Jewish Story
stories begin 2/1/2002.
Writers and publishers with
stories to offer us,
go there now.

Kol Tefilah
The sounds of the synagogue. Includes streaming audio demonstrations of traditional chant.

Ladders of Song
An appreciation of both the mystical and mundane aspects of music in Jewish tradition.

Ask a Question
Get an answer from Jordan Lee Wagner, author of 'The Synagogue Survival Kit', published by Jason Aronson, Inc.

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Who Knows Ten?
a monthly quiz, mostly  on
Jewish liturgy and synagogue ritual.
Can you get ten of ten?

More to Come!
articles, a daily story, original cartoons
& the weekly Torah portion.

Where is it Written?
Links to a few very special
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